Commision Enquiries

We feel it's important that all of our Contributors are on the same page as us when we talk commission. So here is a bit of information for you about how it works, what's happening on our roadmap for the future and who we're partnered with.


Have a scroll! 


Commission will grow over time - as we increase % of partner brands, as we increase the % of commission, and as we have more women using and buying through the app. For now, we recommend you focusing on growing your followers... while commission may be smaller now, this will set you up for the future. There will never be fewer contributors then there are now, and we have hundreds of new women signing up each day - the more frequently you post, and the more you add links, the more value you are offering to your followers.

Brand Agnostic

We are brand agnostic "you do you" and wear whatever makes you feel your best. Link to any items that can be purchased by your followers.

Earning Commission

If you are going to buy something from one of our brands, the best way to do this to ensure you're getting commission is to go through the Profile > Settings > Brands list. When you click this, it passes through our tracking details and your unique identifier. Most brands have a 30-day cookie window which means that once you click that link, if you go back to that retailer from the same device (directly from Chrome/Safari) it will still know it's you and give you credit. But to be super safe, just use that link.

Partner Brands

We already have 1000 partner brands and will keep growing this list. Right now 30% of the brands/ retailers you've linked to are partners, if they are not a partner already we add them to our "Target List" and we'll try and get them partnered. Our internal goal is to get that to 50% by end of April, and to 75% by end of year.

More questions?

Feel free to leave us some questions! 

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