Mys Tyler Ambassador Program

We are a community of women from around the world, showcasing fashion on bodies of all heights, shapes, size, ages and ethnicities. 

Since launching in 2020, more than 150,000 women have downloaded our app to enjoy body-relevant fashion content and we've been featured in top tier fashion and lifestyle publications around the world.

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We are looking for women who want to help us create and maintain a positive, safe and welcoming community and act as a role model on the app.


As an Ambassador, you will post your favorite outfits, engage with our community and help us grow brand awareness. You’ll be featured in our PR and in-app, so you’ll be able to build your profile, and grow your audience even faster!

  • Download Mys Tyler

  • Become a Contributor

    • Set up your profile​

    • Create your first 4 posts

    • Apply via the Profile Tab

  • Write a review on the App Store or Google Play​

  • Submit your social media and Mys Tyler handle and apply below

Apply to be a Mys Tyler Ambassador

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What you’ll do as an Ambassador:

Help us create and maintain a positive, safe, and welcoming community while acting as a role model for our fashion Contributors! This is how:


  1. Post 3x week, displaying best practice (clear pictures, descriptive captions, links, and tags)

  2. Browse your feed a couple of minutes a day, to check that comments are positive in nature, and add some positivity of your own by following contributors, liking posts, and showing our community how supportive comments can be

  3. Help us scout for new Contributors that will add diversity and style to our community

  4. Test out features with early access, so we can fix any bugs before we roll them out

  5. Join our team for a 30 minute call once a month, to brainstorm ideas and provide feedback

  6. Share Mys Tyler with your communities and help us grow our community.

Why you’ll love being an Ambassador:

You’ll see behind the scenes of a fashion-tech startup, learn about the business from product design to deployment and marketing. You’ll be an important part of our growing body-positive and inclusive community that has already proven to increase women’s body confidence!! Plus:


  1. Be featured in-app, and across marketing and PR, helping to build your profile and grow an audience on Mys Tyler

  2. Earn commission when women shop your looks in app

  3. Access exclusive offers, promotions and discounts from our retail partners

  4. Join in on VIP events including photoshoots, panels and workshops

  5. Testing allowance to buy things within our app (this is the extra fun part) (needs to be a contributor they buy from - not an ambassador)

For more info and tip's and tricks, click here!