Contributor Launch Kit

London Wed 9pm | NYC Wed 4pm | Sydney Thu 8am

This moment has been a year in the making & we can't wait to have you LIVE in the Mys Tyler app.


We're working hard to launch with a bang, and without bugs, and we'd love your help!



  1. BE A TESTER - If you have an iPhone, get an early version of the app and help us test

  2. UPDATE YOUR LOOKBOOK Get your Lookbook up to date (see tips & tricks)

  3. TALK TO US Book in a 1:1 with Larissa if you need help or have questions (book here)


London Wed 9pm | NYC Wed 4pm | Sydney Thu 8am

The launch time depends on your location.

We want to align all of our activity to the same moment so that our powers combined have an even bigger impact. It's called a "thunderclap" moment.

1. INSTAGRAM POST/ STORY - We'd love you to post to your Instagram and add a story to let your friends, family and followers know that you are LIVE on Mys Tyler. Create your own - or we'll create something for you.

Launch tags

#mystyler #inspirationthatfits
Extra tags

#bodypositive #selflove #bodyacceptance

#new #fashion #iOS #android #justlaunched

2. OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA - Beyond Instagram, we'd love for you to share Mys Tyler on other social media too.


Follow Mys Tyler on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and like/comment/share anything we post for an extra boost.

1:1 Lookbook Sessions

with Larissa

Hi! I'm Larissa and I'm here to help you to make your Lookbook look clean, fresh and fabulous! Book a session with me for the 9th of February for a 30 minute 1:1 where I can give you tips & tricks to perfecting your profile pre-launch!

Go for gold! 

The first pic in your Lookbook grid will be the photo that appears on everyone's DISCOVER page. This image will update each time you add a new post.  

Make sure this photo shows your WHOLE outfit - the clearer and crisper it is, the better it is - so women can see you & your style! 


Use captions to help women shop your look and decide if the item will fit them - pretend you're describing it to a friend. Was there a little hack you did when wearing it, is there an adjustment to make the item longer/shorter? Your #sizesisters are buying these clothes from you for more fashion wins - so be honest with every outfit and help them find the perfect fit. 

"This is a size 12,  though I normally wear a size 14. It's super comfortable, but I only have a B cup and I think it might be a bit tight in the chest for anyone with a bigger bust. I tried wearing it tucked in as well - and it looks just as good (in fact swipe to see some of the other ways I've styled it). I also love that it's linen!"

Links, Links, Links!

Now, this is important! Help women Shop Your Look by adding links. Even if they are not (yet) a brand partner of ours - this will help your followers get value out of your posts and action your inspiration. We'll work hard behind the scenes to earn a commission for you wherever we can.


Lookbook Tips & Tricks

Let us promote you!

 PR - We're working hard to get some press globally. We'd love to send some bios (a pic, bio, body stats + quote) for a few of you that are happy to be featured in PR. They may use anything we send them or want to interview you directly. 

Advertising - Facebook & Instagram are our main channels. Currently we show ads of Mys Tyler and celebrities - but from launch we want to start showing you!

In App - You will all be IN Mys Tyler - but we want to replace stock imagery and celebrities with real Contributors - everywhere from our welcome tutorial, our Website and our Investor updates? 

Give the gift of Founder Status

Nominate two friends to be Founding Contributors - Simply email us with their name and/or @handle - and ensure they have applied before the end of Feb to secure Founding status (thanks to you!)

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