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Will there be a Mr Tyler?

Mstr Tyler is coming in 2022. Subscribe to be the first to know when we launch We started with women because we need both demand (women wanting relevant inspiration) and supply (women posting photos wearing outfits they like). Both of these exist for women. While I’ve heard many men express a similar interest in this for themselves, it’s a less common behaviour for men to post like this. So we’d need to work harder on the supply side. That said, this is evolving and we’d love to extend this to men by 2022.

As a female I actually don’t know what my body type is, and research also shows that what people think they look like is different to reality. How do you solve for that?

Initially we are using dimensions that women know - their bra size, their height and their dress size. We do also ask for their body type (pear, hourglass, rectangle & strawberry), though we are aware that even this is a little confusing to some women. These dimensions allow us to quantitatively match women who are similar. And while not perfect, it’s better than what is currently available. Over time, we will be refining this, for instance women can improve their matching by measuring their hips, bust, waist with a tape measure (we don’t ask this in onboarding, as we don’t want that friction to cause drop off). And eventually will likely move to some form of body scanning as part of onboarding.

Do I need to take all my measurements to start using the app?

No, we know that most women won’t know their measurements or have a tape measure on hand. As such, we’ve chosen to ask only things we believe women will know - bra size, height, clothes size and their colourings (hair, skin, eyes). Once in the app, they can add measurements at a later stage to improve the matching, and eventually we may evolve into some form of body scanning. But for now, we’re keeping it as simple as possible, while still being able to increase relevance.

How is Mys Tyler different from Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that uses a combination of AI and personal stylists to curate a box of clothing that is sent to their customers on a monthly basis. Women can try on clothes at home, keep what they like and send back the rest. Mys Tyler doesn’t use (only) personal stylists. We crowdsource a huge diversity of women. And while (non stylist) women may not be great at recommending what other women should wear, we believe that they are pretty well positioned to recommend what suits them. So we are sharing this information with other women who look similar. With Mys Tyler, women can “shop” through inspiration, and choose what they want to purchase, after having had the benefit of seeing it on someone with their same look, and also seeing how they’ve styled it.

How do you keep fashion choices fresh across the body types?

Contributors earn income when women buy items in their posts. As such, they are intrinsically motivated to post pictures with current (& fresh) stock. In addition, we have set up incentives for contributors to post regularly (4x per month minimum). In terms of diversity, we will be focused on identifying gaps, and recruiting to fill these.

How much does it cost a consumer to use this service?

Nothing. It’s always free to use Mys Tyler. When women buy through the app, that is what triggers us to receive affiliate commission which we share with contributors. Contributors will pay a monthly membership fee (starting in 2021), this allows them to post outfits to the community, when someone buys through their post, we earn a commission fee, we keep 20% and give 80% to the contributor.

How do contributors try on clothes?

In our first iteration of Mys Tyler, the contributor chooses what they like to wear and shares it with the community. So we don’t literally “outsource trying it on” to the contributors. We think Mys Tyler does one-step better. We know it takes a few attempts to find the right things. So rather than showing the loses, we just serve up the wins. So, our contributors aren't just trying on the clothes, they are also recommending what looks good. In the future though, we may open up women to ask their “contributor body doubles” to try specific things on for them, or help them with personal shopping. Or borrow their clothes etc. So much opportunity!

If users want to return the product, do you seek the money back from contributors?

We utilize affiliate marketing programs, which are set up to cater for return rates. Most payout commission after a period that aligns with their return period i.e. 30 days. That way, you don’t earn commission where the customer has returned the item. This means that we don’t have to worry about recouping money either.

What about Indian Women?

We want to have as much diversity as possible, across height, size, shape, age, colourings and ethnicities. This is a focus as we conduct outreach to potential contributors. In addition, where we find gaps, we’ll be encouraging women using the app to become contributors to help their #sizesisters who share similarities witih colours as well. If you'd like to become a contributor sign up here :)

What are hip dips?

Hip dips, also known as violin hips, are those gentle inward curves found below your hips and above your thighs. They can be subtle or pronounced and are the latest body part that women have seemingly become obsessed with.

This seems easy to copy, what is your moat?

Our matching algorithm is part of our special sauce. And because we are the first mover in this space, we have the ability to refine this with real women and real data over time to make this incredibly powerful. In addition, building any sort of marketplace is ambitious, which is why we’ll be leveraging our backgrounds as marketing and scaling experts to bring this to market.

How does Mys Tyler differentiate itself from companies like Body Labs or Easy Size?

These focus on being able to virtually try on clothes. But they don’t help you style them, or find clothes that are flattering to select to try on in the first place. We see these as being potential partners to help us improve our matching over time. But our approach is not just helping women see clothes on themselves. But helping them know WHAT clothes will look good, and how to wear them.

Can you expand on the technology that you use?

We are building the app using React Native and will be launching on Android and iOS. We use a proprietary matching algorithm that considers age, height, clothing size, bra size, body shape, as well as colourings (hair, skin) to determine a fit match score with other women.

What is the market size and market share?

Women’s Apparel is a $690 Billion dollar market. We are playing the role of a lead generator, and will target initially the $2.1 Billion that currently makes up affiliate commission. However, we also plan to take a part of the 60% margin earned by fashion retailers.

Why only celebrity body doubles?

Celebrities are a starting point because we can access their data is publicly available. It allows us to have quantity to start, and it’s fun. This is really just a hack though while we recruit and onboard contributors. It allows us to control the user experience. We don’t want someone to download the app, and then have no contributors matching them, so the celebrity body data allows us to give them something while we build the supply side, and then invite them through when we can give them a good experience.

Will this be image only, or video content as well?

Initially we are only using images. Video is more complicated, so this will be introduced in a later phase, once we have built out the market (diversity on both sides), and proven the model. It will be a way to enhance what we have, but is not critical to deliver on our initial solution.

Who are your customers as opposed to your users?

All women will be able to use the app to find relevant inspiration, and make purchases. Women can also choose to upgrade to become a contributor, to feed content (outfit posts) back to the community.

Will you look to have any key partners?

We’re currently looking to partner with fashion brands (beyond an affiliate relationship), to help us get current inventory into the hands of our contributors. We are also interested in partnerships with stylists and other fashion advisors who can provide relevant content to the community. Finally, we’re potentially interested in partnerships with body scanning technologies in the future as a way to improve our body data collection.

What was the inspiration for the name Mys Tyler

The name was created with My Styler, which is our function. We love that this is hidden in there, but wanted the name to be more editorial and more human. We also like that it's feminine but not definied, it's not married or single, it's a woman who could be any woman.

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How accurate is the body matching?

We did a lot of initial testing to refine our algorithm, though we still consider this our MVP algorithm, and we will be focused on refining it over time. There are so many variables to factor in, so part is how we weight these, and what is the most important in terms of fit of clothes. The more diversity in data we have, the better the results. We are limited with celebrities, we have 300 live, and are adding another 200 into the app version. But the real power will be when real women become contributors, and we can use that scale to learn and optimize our matching algorithm.

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