Earning with
Mys Tyler

Very quick summary

  • The way you make money is the same way we make money

  • When women shop your looks (click links to buy), we earn commission if it is a partner brand/retailer

  • We give 80% of any commission earned to the Contributor who posted the link.

While you can earn commission through Mys Tyler now, we want to manage expectations; we are focused on growing our community, building new features to help women discover contributors and find relevant content, it will take some time for us to become the "go-to" for shopping.


But, now is a great time to grow your audience - like any network - those that join early can have the most traction - and we'll be heavily investing in growth over the coming months, so make sure you are posting regularly! Then, when women start buying, you'll be in the perfect position to start reaping the benefits!


How much commission will I earn?


We pay you 80% of any commission earned through your posts. The commission depends on a number of factors:

  1. Brand sets their own rate, which ranges (we have brands at 2-20%)

  2. Some brands pay more for new vs returning customers

  3. Brands may also pay less during sales/ promotions 

So, if someone bought a $100 dress from Cue, which offers 10% commission. You'd get $8 and we'd keep $2.


When you think of all these parameters across 1200+ brands you can imagine its a little tough to share all the information. However, we're working on showing you standard commission for each brand so you can do a quick check.


What do I need to do?


All you need to do is keep posting outfits.


As soon as you post an item, we’ll check to see if it’s a brand partner and if it is, we’ll update the link on the backend so that you’ll earn commission. If it’s not a partner, we’ll reach out to them and try and get them on board.


How do I know what I've earned?


In the first week of each month we'll send you an email with a summary of any commission you've earned. The first email will be going out next week.


In the future, we'll build this into the analytics so you can view commission on your Profile page. 


Here are some examples of our partner brands...


Some other notes:

  • Commission is not paid until after a “validation period.”

    For example: If someone buys and returns within 30 days, we won’t get paid. For this reason, commission payments are delayed also, so it can take 31-60 days to see the commission.

  • There is a cookie window - normally 30 days

    For example: If someone taps a link from your page and visits a retailer, if they go back from that same device, then you’ll still get the credit and commission.