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"You need to watch this" doco on Netflix

When I tell you I wish my school showed us this movie in Pastoral Care, I wish they absolutely did. Taryn Bumfritt hit the nail on the head with this one showing light on how everybody is different but also beautiful in a very unique way.

International Women's Day shed a heaping amount of light on the support that surrounded women of all colour, shape, sizes, ethnicities, sexual identity and overall being and I'm here to enlighten you on a show Sarah suggested I watch on Netflix called Embrace

Let's change the future of fashion and body image.

Taryn Brumfitt, Australian mum of three, embarked on her body image journey just after having children. I'm 21, so no, I haven't experienced giving birth but I do know what it is like from social media influencers like @itslydboss, @chloeszep and @thessy,k who have all shared their experience of childbirth and how their body has changed ever so rapidly. 

The female body is such a  beautiful yet powerful one. We give birth to another human, we feed them, nurture them, do everything we possibly can knowing we're going to either sacrifice that "summer bod" or some sleep - but it's all part of it and it's beautiful. 

Taryn discloses in Embrace how she had booked an appointment for surgery as an "easy quick fix" solution to all of her body image problems. Yes, quick fix, but what does it show to those who are looking up to you? That your body isn't beautiful enough to be left alone in its unique form? 

This questioned donned on Taryn as by being a mother to a young Michaela, the thought of Michaela wanting to do the same because her mother did frighten Taryn. I agree though, you need to preach what you teach in order to create an environment that is safe, open and welcoming to your daughter, her friends, her cousins, even the men in her life! 

The procedure did not go forth, but her mentality did. In the year of 2013, Taryn posted a before and after photo, but not that of a traditional one. Below you can see the photo.

It went viral. 

The post had reached over 100M+ people. 

In the first 15 days of running showtime, the documentary had received over 8M+ views. 

Not all numbers, but impacts on the world.


Touring the world one interview and red carpet at a time, Taryn met some extraordinary women along the way, Here's a little overview of their take on the issue of body image but also on their own personal journey. 

Mia Freedman, former youngest Cosmopolitan Fashion Editor

At the ripe age of 24, Mia had seen the real side of the fashion world which wanted to hide certain aspects of it - I don't even need to name it at all. Mia had called for action to integrate more diversity within sizes of fashion models for the front cover. Photographers didn't want to be named, brands did not want to be in affiliation with the project...all because the model wasn't a size 8 or below. 


"If you're comparing yourself to something that doesn't exist how can you possibly feel good when you look down on yourself"  - Mia on Photoshopped models.

Stefania Ferrario, model

Australian based model, Stefania, tells Bumfritt about her journey of being rejected many times due to her size not being anything less than a size 8. They labelled her a plus-size model. She's a size 12. What constitutes "plus" size? Why can't it just be a size? 

"For a woman to look at the clothes on a mannequin and to go in try it on but it doesn't fall properly as it did on the mannequin... it's very damaging, upsetting and frightening!" - Stefania on fast fashion clothing stores.

Tina, sufferer of Anorexia


Body image can be so damaging to the point where diseases can be developed. On top of this, with social media playing an integral role in the mentality and mindset of a little girl's perspective on the "perfect" is so damaging. Tina recalls times where she felt that she didn't meet the criteria of the body every girl dreamed of and thought that it was best to stop eating to reach this goal. 


"Please don't stop eating, just don't do it. It's so hard to get out of it and it gets worse..." - Tina on a message to young women. 

Turia Pitt, burn victim-survivor

Pitt discusses the traumas dealt with post-accident back in 2011 where she suffered third-degree burns to 65% of her body where she lost the majority of her phalanges but gained confidence and resilience. She talks of the highs and lows of the event that changed her life, but she says it's 'awesome 

"If you're self-conscious about something, someone will notice it. But if you just own it, people don't care!" - Turia on 

The women that were interviewed in this doco all had a different take on body image as a result of their experience and journey in life! It's so important to understand that behind every closed door, there is a life we do not know about. It's a Hannah Montana type of scenario. I know I've had my bad days about my skin and weight, but I've pushed through knowing that I can be the best person I can be by contributing my efforts into leading a life of positivity - not just one that surrounds the number on the scale. 

I think this documentary should be televised and advertised as it is still relevant, the issue of body image is still around and haunting the minds of young girls who are just trying to grow up. Let them grow up, but let them grow up with dignity and grace - not shame and guilt. 

International Women's Day has just passed and with that, the amount of support each woman received just by a comment, share, Tweet or by a simple celebration of women on a particular day, it shows that they are important, we are important. It's all about being there for each other and changing the future of fashion, changing the future of what that "dream" body is.


Let's change that. 

Mys Tyler is one step close to changing the world we live in. By matching with other women similar to your shape, size and style, it incurs this mentality that different bodies do exist and that's okay! Everybody is a normal body. Nothing can equate to the unique lifestyle one lives through, so let's inspire each other to wear clothes that we feel confident in, where we feel sexy in! 

It's inspiration that fits. 

Stay stylish, 

Larissa xo

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