Meet Jan Wild. Over-60 Sunshine Coast influencer (and style icon), co-founder of the website Retiring Not Shy (a retirement lifestyle blog she shares with her partner Rowan) and founding Contributor on Mys Tyler.


Developed on the motto  ‘Don’t Retire, Re-Wire’, Retiring Not Shy is dedicated to making retirement the best time of your life. Under 'Personal Style' you will find fashion tips, brand reviews and self-love notes. I especially love her articles ‘Clothes to Hide a Muffin Top and Address Other Midlife Fashion Challenges, ‘Curvy Swimwear by Capriosca; Get Off the Sideline and into the Water and ‘Be Visible; Don’t Suffer with Invisible Woman Syndrome’. There is style advice and soul wisdom in here for women of every age. 


I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Jan over Zoom to discuss her writing some content for The Edit. She has a big, beautiful and generous heart, a positive attitude and incredible sense of style! I know you’re going to feel as uplifted and inspired by her as I am.

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By Jan Wild


Why is it that at all stages of life women are told what they should or shouldn’t wear? It starts at an early age where teenagers and young women are described as promiscuous or ‘asking for it’ if their skirt is too short and their neckline too low. Seriously?

One would hope that in later life, let’s just describe this as the period over the age of 50 when we have lived a lot of life, know our own minds and how life works, that we would no longer be told what to wear and how to present ourselves.

But I have heard it all. We older women should not:

i.      Wear red lipstick

ii.     Have our hair long

iii.    Wear mascara on our lower lashes

iv.     Wear short skirts (still!), let alone shorts

v.      Have bare arms

and the list goes on…..

Well to hell with that.  I love red lipstick and my Mum rocked it until the last years of her life, it may not suit you and that’s fine too. My hair is short but if you want to keep your hair long, then that is your business. And what’s with the no mascara on lower lashes? – I could never get my head around that. Short skirts and shorts – I wear all lengths and given my legs are one of my best assets, and I live in a hot climate, then yes I wear shorts too. Oh and I bare my arms.

So please make your own rules. Actually I think there should only be one ‘rule’ :

wear what you like, what makes you feel good. That’s all that counts.

Hold your head high

and tell the world

that you are in charge.


We need your vibrant energy.

Love, Jan xx


For more inspiration from Jan,  please visit her website and of course, follow her on Mys Tyler! @retiringnotshy