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We’re a global business, with a global team. 🌎

We were born in Sydney which is where most of our team are - Sarah, Larissa, Dan, Anna & Ally. Then we have Lorna in Hong Kong, Lezel and Josi are in Cebu, and Brianna in New Jersey.

Right now, we’re even more global:

After a couple of years of lockdown, Larissa is taking advantage of being able to work remotely and relocating to London for the summer. And who knows, if she really likes it she might stay. We’re excited to have another physical presence in the Northern Hemisphere and in the UK where we have so many of our gorgeous Contributors.✨

We’re also in our next capital raise, so Sarah is in the US meeting with investors, helping to get us the capital we need to keep building Mys Tyler to make it

Timezones are tough!! There is literally no time at all that works for all of us, which means that we can’t all be on the same call and we’ll have to re-think how we communicate. It also means being flexible with hours - Sarah’s working Sunday nights, and weeknights till late, and Larissa is starting early to overlap with Australia, and late to overlap with the US. A little jetlag and some grumpy calls, but we’re smoothing out the kinks and going to make it work. We’re sure lots of companies are going through this as well, as many companies have shifted to remote or hybrid working.🙏🏼

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