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WEEK 63: Time for a UI/UX Upgrade

UI/UXwhich stands for User Interface/ User Experience, is part art and a lot of science.

The concept of Mys Tyler was that we’d use our FIT Algorithm to collect a few pieces of data from you, and then serve you up our wonderful contributors in order of relevance from most like you “body doubles” at the top, and those less like you at the bottom.

Then you’d go through and follow the Contributors whose style resonated with you. But we didn’t call it ‘follow’, we had a heart icon, which turns out is pretty confusing as a heart icon is used across all other apps to “like” a post.✨

Once you’d followed at least one of our Contributors, you’d enter your personalized Feed. This is now people we’d matched to you on FIT, and you’d selected on Style. This is core of our app, fashion content that is hyper-relevant to you. 🤎

We’d want 100% of our users to follow at least 1 contributor, but turns out we’ve missed the mark in a big way. And less than 70% of users are following a Contributor, that means 30% of users don’t have a HOME!

Suffice to say, we’ve got some work to do. Our focus right now is working on our UI/UX to make our onboarding is better, to make our navigation more intuitive, and to help everyone on Mys Tyler have the best possible experience! We’re working with the super talented @ashimjoshi and @jinsy_ along with Dan who leads our development team to make this happen!☺️

Over the couple of months, you’re going to see some big changes to Mys Tyler ✨

Some teasers:

🤎Introducing a home

🤎Adding some sparkle

🤎Making it easier to toggle between discovery and following

We’ll be watching the data to see that 70% move towards 100%, and if the changes we’re making now don’t shift the needle enough, we’ll try something else. The WHY won’t change, but the how and the what will remain agile and flexible.

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