A few of comments left by some of our fabulous Contributors on the App Store, Google Play and our socials! 


"Mys Tyler is both an inspiration and a solution to women's person style!" - Kerrie Carucci


"Mys Tyler brings to life individuals through tailored fashion" - Libby Millar


"It's so nice to know that there's an app out there that will give me inspiration from REAL women with similar body shape and sizes to me ...for me! - Elizabeth Pomfret


I am super excited to be a Mys Tyler Contributor! And to be part of a community that promotes what I'm all about - self-love, body positivity and inclusive fashion. - The Bodzilla


I’m so happy that I came across this app because it really inspires my fashion. After being stuck in quarantine for so long my clothes are begging to be worn and this app allows me to see different styles that I’d love to replicate. - Abigail Gbafa


"It's so great knowing that if I purchase something through a Contributor who has similar features to me, I know if it looks good on them it will look good on me!" - Dessie Kenna