1. Contributors must post FASHION-RELATED CONTENT.          Mys Tyler is a women's fashion app that has the                  purpose of inspiring other women to Shop Your Look.

2. Posts should be CLEAR, CRISP and CLEAN. We want our      users to have the best experience when looking at              your profile for inspiration!

3. There MUST be a LINK in the caption of your posts. The      reason Contributors need to adhere to this guideline is      in order to have our users know where you purchased        these items from. If it looks good on you, and you are        a match, it will look good on them! This is also how you,      as a Contributor, will earn a commission when the user      purchases an item through the links provided!

4. Your bio, captions and posts must spread POSITIVITY!      The Mys Tyler Community is all about body positivity          and women empowerment; so let's start that by                  posting fabulous shots of you and commenting on the        good of your outfits!

5. We encourage you to post photos with FULL-LENGTH          BODY SHOTS  of you in your stylish OOTD. We want to          ensure that your #SizeSister has a good idea of what          the outfit would look like on them! It is highly                    recommended that the first photo of the carousel is          the full-length body shot. Close-ups of the outfit can          be posted, however are more intended for the 2nd, 3rd      and onward photos of the carousel. 

If you have any other enquiries, please email