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Week 12: Our Values

Briefing a creative genius @zachgolden (we’re feminine not sexist) to help us bring the Mys Tyler voice to life. To start we worked on our brand pillars.

Positive - There’s often a positive way to say something and a negative. We only show the wins, this is not about the errors. .

Empowering - Positive with Action. Not only does this look good on them, but it would look good on me, and I can buy it. Mys Tyler is actionable inspiration. .

Smart - We do things in a better (smarter) way - more efficient, more enjoyable, more relevant. In the words of Man Repeller “an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect”. .

Human - We’re not the fashion authority, we just want to connect people with people, who can inspire each other.

Feminine – We’re by women, for women. We believe a woman has the right to express themselves through fashion of any style - sexy, or modest, or glam, or boyish.

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