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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mys Tyler work?

You can think of us like an Instagram for fashion, except that we let you match with women of similar height, shape and size. 1. Download the app and sign up with Facebook, Google or Apple. Set up your profile with a profile pic (you can change this later), your name, and a handle. Then complete the quick body quiz so our FIT Algorithm can work it's magic. 2. In DISCOVER you'll find our amazing Contributors (women who are sharing their outfits with you), in order of body match (body doubles at the top). You can scroll through our Contributors, and follow the women whose style you like. 3. Open up your FEED to find fashion content from the Contributors you've followed. This content is now body and style relevant. Save posts you like for future reference, and if you see something you like you can Shop The Look. 4. Feel free to post outfits you love into your personal Lookbook as an easy reference when you're getting dressed each day. These are for your eyes only, unless you decide to become a Contributor. 5. Become a Contributor and share your style with our community. We love diversity, and would love as many of you to contribute as possible.

What is a Contributor?

A Contributor is any woman willing to share their fashion wins with our community. You can apply to become a Contributor by adding your first 4 outfit posts, and then applying within the Profile page. You do not need to have any credentials in fashion to be a Contributor, you just need to have clothing, outfits or styling tips that you think could benefit other women. After all, we know that there are millions of women who have become experts at dressing for your specific height, shape, size and coloring - so let us share your wisdom with like-bodied women. We review applications to ensure that content on our site is useful and appropriate. Contributors are encouraged to post links to the items in their post, to make it easy for women to purchase those items. Mys Tyler works with these brands, to receive a sales commission for each purchase, of which the Contributor will keep 80%. Founding Contributors are the amazing women who joined us as Contributors at the very beggining. They believed in our vision, and if it weren't for them, we would not be here today.

Can I stop being a Contributor?

Absolutely, even thoguh we'll be sad not to see your posts on our feed. Just send us an email and we'll switch your account.

What is the monthly membership for Contributors?

Membership is $20 per month - but for the whole of 2021 it's FREE! Our intention is that you’ll be able to earn a new income through this platform. We match you to women who are relevant (who look like you), so that engagement and conversion are higher. You don’t need to bring an audience with you. So starting on our platform is not like starting on a normal platform…we do the hard work for you!

What should I post?

Posts should feature you wearing outfits you love. We want you to keep your personal style. We approve photos to make sure they are relevant to fashion and will be helpful to other women. We may also give you feedback to help you get traction on our app.

I’m a brand, can we partner?

Great! We’re actively partnering with brands via affiliate programs, in addition, we are working with brands directly to help get your products in the hands of our Contributors. We’re a startup, and open-minded, so if you have some ideas, we’d love to discuss them with you. Email

What is Mys Tyler?

We are a startup on a mission to create a more personalized and empowering shopping experience for all women. We've created a platform to allow you to discover women who are similar height, size, shape and coloring, who have already done the hard work of trying things on to find what fits, and they will show you how it looks, how to style it and how to buy it. Before Mys Tyler, finding clothes that was a process of trial and (often demoralising) error.

  • 91% of the clothes we buy online aren't satisfactory fit
  • we return 30-40% of the clothes we buy
  • we are left with a bunch of clothing that we don't wear because it's not quite right
We believe we can help women find clothing that fits, help the industry reduce returns, and by doing so reduce the amount of returns that end up in landfil.

Can I become a Contributor?

We'd love to have you Contribute! Follow these 3 steps to submit your application. 1. Add a bio and let women know about you and your style 2. Create 4 posts (photos of you featuring outfits you love) 3. Submit your application in the Profile tab Posts 1. Ensure the first picture is full length (this may be used as your Discover picture) 2. Adding more than 1 image turns your post into a carousel for extra engagement 3. Describe the outfit - styling tips, fit details, about the material 4. Add links where possible to items that can be purchased to make your post shoppable 5. Add tags to your posts to make them more discoverable! We approve all applications to ensure content on Mys Tyler is appropriate and helpful for our community. Good luck!

How do I allow Mys Tyler to access all my photos on an Apple phone?

If you have an Apple iPhone and receive an error message when you try to add photos to your Mys Tyler account, there's an easy fix! 1. Exit the Mys Tyler app and open Settings on your iPhone 2. Scroll down to find and select Privacy 3. Select Photos 4. Select Mys Tyler 5. Click All Photos

Head back to Mys Tyler and you should be all sorted!

How do I know what brands I can shop from to earn commission as a Contributor?

Hold tight! We have a list that will be available on the website and in the next live version of the app under Settings>Brands. If there are some brands that you love but aren't on this list, let us know! Contact for any enquiries.

How do I upload a post?

How exciting! When you upload a post, it’s always best that you choose up to three photos of your fashionable outfit so your #sizesisters have an accurate idea of the outfit you’re wearing. Once you’ve chosen your photo(s), you then need to add in your links. Choose the item of clothing from the listed category (E.g. Dress), then insert a link. We encourage you to use the exact store website link you bought your item of clothing from so users purchasing the piece have the perfect fit! Insert a fashionable caption, your size and then press Save. Now it’s added to your Look Book. Happy posting!

Why are my posts invisible?

If your posts are invisible, this means you're not yet a Contributor. Your posts will stay private for your own reference, if you decide to make them available to other women you can apply to become a Contributor.

What is my Discover page?

Your Discover page is where you can see Contributors you've matched with. The order of Contributors is based on your highest percentage match! Double-tap to "Heart" your fave Contributors so they fill up your Fashion Feed and start shopping!

What is my Fashion Feed?

Your Fashion Feed is a collection of photos from your "hearted" Contributors from your Discover page. This gives you more insight into their fashion, allowing you to Shop the Look of your fave outfits!

Can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile pic, bio and update your body quiz at any time - simply tap the relevant pencil icon to do so. P.S. By updating your body profile will automatically update your matches on Discover, so head back there and pull down to refresh.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Mys Tyler ensures your information is kept safe from any third parties. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email

What is the Forum?

We're a startup, and we want to share our startup story with you all. This is a weekly post that talks about what's been happening in the business and behind the scenes. We are learning as we grow, and we hope we can inspire other women to become entrepreneurs. You can love, comment and share these blog posts to your socials to let your friends know about the fabulous community you're a part of!

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in the app by clicking Profile in the bottom right corner > then click the Settings icon in the top left corner > select "Delete Account". If you can't see the option to delete your account, make sure you have updated the Mys Tyler app and have the most recent version downloaded. If you're still having trouble just contact us at with your Mys Tyler handle and we’ll delete your account and details. Then you can simply log out and delete the app.