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About Mys Tyler

How does Mys Tyler work?

Think of us as an Instagram for fashion. After downloading the app, you’ll do a quick body quiz, and we’ll match you to women who look like you (we consider height, size, shape, colourings and age). You choose to follow women whose style you like and this creates a personal feed that is body and style relevant. Then you can buy items you like directly from brands. Mys Tyler and Contributors receive a commission from these brands, and that's how it all works! We encourage all our users to post pictures of outfits you like and store these away in your personal Look Book. It's a way to have on hand an easy reference to outfits that made you feel great. A quick cheat sheet for when you're deciding what to wear in the morning. These posts are private, and for your eyes only...unless, you decide to share your fashion wins with our community, and your #sizesisters, by becoming a Mys Tyler Contributor. We love diversity and would love as many of you to become Contributors as possible!

What is Mys Tyler?

Mys Tyler is a Sydney-based VC-backed startup on a mission to make fashion more empowering and enjoyable for all women and every body. We know finding clothes that fit requires trying them on, and this is a process of trial and (often demoralising) error. We wondered if we could outsource trying clothes on to someone who looked like us, liked fashion, and knew how to pull together outfits. Then, we stopped wondering and started building! Our mobile app matches women who look similar so that they can share what looks good, and how to wear it. It's like outsourcing trying clothes on to someone who knows how to dress for your body, and who has done the hard work of finding the winners!

Who is involved in the Mys Tyler community?

The Mys Tyler community is more than just an app that women use! We have a growing team (mostly women!) behind the scenes who are working hard to ensure each user has the best experience possible. We also have Contributors, who, as fashionable women, inspire other women to feel confident and stylish in clothes that actually fit! On Instagram and Facebook, we have a strong presence amongst the fashion community - reposting, sharing and engaging with other women; regardless of their status in the fashion world.

About Contributors

What is a Contributor?

A Contributor can be any woman who knows how to dress for her body and is willing to share what works with other women who look similar. As a Contributor, you can use Mys Tyler like a regular user to find outfit inspiration, but you can also post outfits to the community. Women will be matched to Contributors based on their appearance, and then they can choose to follow the ones whose style they identify with. Contributors are encouraged to post links to the items in their post, to make it easy for women to purchase those items. Mys Tyler works with these brands, to receive a sales commission for each purchase. Contributors take 80% of any commission Mys Tyler earns. Even if we aren’t set up with brands initially, we get prompted when a new brand is referenced, and then take action to partner with the brand as soon as possible. We want this to be a platform that allows you to monetize your style, and create a new income stream.

What is a Founding Contributor?

Founding Contributors are the first Contributors to sign up to Mys Tyler. You'll be there from the beginning, and be part of our startup journey! As thanks for playing this important role, you'll get a bunch of perks, including free membership for all of 2021, plus discounted membership for life, not to mention the status of being a Founding Contributor which will be displayed on your profile. Plus, we'll keep you updated on our launch plans, so you get a sneak peek behind the scenes of a tech startup. You can apply to become a Contributor in the app. To keep the benefits and status of being a Founding Contributor, you will be required to remain an active member of our community. We determine a Founding Contributor inactivate if they post less than four times in a month (once we launch you onto the app).

Can I stop being a Contributor?

You can downgrade from being a Contributor to a regular user at any time, there’s no membership fee for non-Contributors. This means you can use the app to follow other women, and for fashion inspiration and shopping. However non-Contributor members cannot post publicly, and down-grading will automatically lose any followers your account has. You can delete the app at any time, and we can delete your details at any time as well.

What is the monthly membership for Contributors?

Membership is $20 per month. Our intention is that you’ll be able to earn a new income through this platform. We match you to women who are relevant (who look like you), so that engagement and conversion are higher. You don’t need to bring an audience with you. So starting on our platform is not like starting on a normal platform…we do the hard work for you!

I don’t think I’m an influencer, can I be a Contributor?

We intentionally use the term Contributor rather than an influencer, because we want women who are willing to share their style to help other women, even if they don’t identify as an “influencer".

How do I get my photos approved? Do you have a style guide?

We want you to keep your personal style. We just approve photos to make sure they are relevant to fashion and will be helpful to other women. We may also give you feedback to help you get traction on our app.

I want to be a Contributor. How do I apply?

This is fabulous news! To apply all you need to do is upload four posts to your Look Book then press "Become a Contributor". Make sure you upload posts that are relevant to fashion! We suggest posting a full outfit photo for the first post as this gives great insight to your #sizesisters of what the outfit looks like on your body. Always provide links to the items you’re wearing in each post so you can earn a commission if the brand is a Mys Tyler partner! Another tip: Always add a caption to each photo whether it be you telling us how that outfit made you feel or a fashion tip! We love when women empower other women. Once you've completed uploading four posts with all fields filled in, submit your application by pressing the "Become a Contributor" button! Until then, sit tight while the Mys Tyler team reviews your submission. Good luck!

How do I allow Mys Tyler to access all my photos on an Apple phone?

If you have an Apple iPhone and receive an error message when you try to add photos to your Mys Tyler account, there's an easy fix! Settings > Privacy > Photos > Mys Tyler 1. Find your Settings icon on your iPhone home screen 2. Scroll down to find and select Privacy 3. Select Photos 4. Select Mys Tyler 5. Click All Photos

How do I know if I've been accepted as a Contributor?

The Mys Tyler team will let you know whether you've been accepted as a Contributor or not via email! If you've been granted Contributor status, take a peek at your profile! You should now see the title "Contributor" next to your handle. Woohoo!

Can I apply to become a Contributor again if my application wasn’t successful?

Please email our Communications Manager


I’m a brand, can we partner?

Great! We’re actively partnering with brands via affiliate programs, in addition, we are working with brands directly to help get your products in the hands of our Contributors. We’re a startup, and open-minded, so if you have some ideas, we’d love to discuss them with you. Email

How do I know what brands I can shop from to earn commission as a Contributor?

Hold tight! We have a list that will be available on the website and in the next live version of the app under Settings>Brands. If there are some brands that you love but aren't on this list, let us know! Contact for any enquiries.


How do I upload a post?

How exciting! When you upload a post, it’s always best that you choose up to three photos of your fashionable outfit so your #sizesisters have an accurate idea of the outfit you’re wearing. Once you’ve chosen your photo(s), you then need to add in your links. Choose the item of clothing from the listed category (E.g. Dress), then insert a link. We encourage you to use the exact store website link you bought your item of clothing from so users purchasing the piece have the perfect fit! Insert a fashionable caption, your size and then press Save. Now it’s added to your Look Book. Happy posting!

Why are my posts invisible?

If your posts are invisible, this means that you’re currently a user of the app, but not a Contributor. Your Look Book is private as this is your area to look at for inspiration! However, if you would like others to see your posts publicly; you need to apply to become a Contributor. See the About Contributors tab for more information.

What does it mean by "Item Link"?

When uploading a post to your Look Book, the app will ask you to provide a link after selecting the type of item that it is. This means that you need to provide a URL that links that item to where you purchased it from! By doing this, it allows your #sizesisters to purchase this exact item of clothing, ensuring that it's a perfect fit! Depending on whether it is a brand partner of ours or not, if a #sizesister purchases an item through the click of this link, you may earn a commission. If you have any further questions, email

Will people be able to comment?

Hold tight, fashionista! In an upcoming version of our app, you'll be able to comment on other Contributors posts and see their posts in your Fashion Feed! Keep an eye out on our Instagram account and in your inbox for our Mys Tyler emails for any updates.

How do I allow Mys Tyler to access all my photos on an Apple phone?

If you have an Apple iPhone and receive an error message when you try to add photos to your Mys Tyler account, there's an easy fix! Settings > Privacy > Photos > Mys Tyler 1. Find your Settings icon on your iPhone home screen 2. Scroll down to find and select Privacy 3. Select Photos 4. Select Mys Tyler 5. Click All Photos


How do I set up my account?

Welcome to the Mys Tyler community! After downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, it will ask you to sign in either with your Facebook, Gmail or Apple account. Once completed, add a profile picture, your name, username (create a fun username!) and then press "Next". Now you will complete our body quiz! Try to insert the most accurate representation of your body so you can match with Celebrities, Contributors and your #sizesisters. Now you're done!

I've matched with a few celebrities, what do I do now?

Now that your Fashion Feed is filling up, you're able to Shop the Look of your fave celebrities by clicking on the links provided under their post! If you notice that some of your matched Celebs don't have any Shop the Look links, this may be because behind the scenes we're working very hard to find out exactly what they're wearing. Keep an eye out for Contributors coming soon!

What is my Discover page?

Your Discover page is where you can see Celebs you've matched with. The order of celebrities is based on your highest percentage match! In an upcoming version of the app, you'll be able to see posts from Contributors as well. For now, double-tap to "Heart" your fave Celebs so they fill up your Fashion Feed and start shopping!

What is my Fashion Feed?

Your Fashion Feed is a collection of photos from your "hearted" celebs from your Discover page. This gives you more insight into their fashion, allowing you to Shop the Look of your fave outfits!

Can I edit my profile?

Yes, you can! For example, if you've changed your hair colour and need to edit this in your profile, all you do is press the little pencil icon and edit away. P.S. By updating your features on your profile, this automatically updates your Discover page, matching you with new celebrities who have similar features!

Is my information safe?

Yes. Mys Tyler ensures your information is kept safe from any third parties. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email

What is the Forum?

The forum is a fave part of the app for us! We've been posting our Startup Stories there since day one, bringing the Mys Tyler community together to see what happens behind the scenes in startup life. You can love, comment and share these blog posts to your socials to let your friends know about the fabulous community you're a part of!

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in the app by clicking Profile in the bottom right corner > then click the Settings icon in the top left corner > select "Delete Account". If you can't see the option to delete your account, make sure you have updated the Mys Tyler app and have the most recent version downloaded. If you're still having trouble just contact us at with your Mys Tyler handle and we’ll delete your account and details. Then you can simply log out and delete the app.

And if you still have questions, send us a note here

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