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  • What is Mys Tyler™?
    Mys Tyler is a private and inclusive community where Fashion Contributors can feel safe to share their body data and their outfits to help us all find body-relevant fashion inspo and styling advice that makes us feel great. Getting started is quick, easy and free. Downloaded the app from the App Store or Google Play Create a free account and set-up your profile Complete the body quiz Our Mys Tyler FIT Algorithm shows you how similar your body is to that of each creator - so you can determine how well the clothes will fit you. Helping you find fashion that fits and reducing returns that costly to the industy and the environment. Your body data is kept private, unless you are aFashion Contributor. Match - See which Fashion Contributors have a similar height, shape and size Feed - Browse outfit inspriation from our community, and filter by season and occassion Inspo - See how different creators are styling the trends Stylist - Get styling tips and personalised advice Profile - Add outfits for easy reference, and become a Fashion Contributor too! You can choose to join our PRO plan, on either a monthly or annual subscription, to access all the features on Mys Tyler. Or you continue free where you can still enjoy styling tips, outfit inspiration and be part of our community. We are passionate about creating a community that is diverse and where all women can feel represented regardless of age, ethnicity, shape or style. Because we know that when we like what we are wearing, we are more comfortable and confident.
  • Can I edit my details?
    head to your profile and tap the 3 dots next to your name, this will allow you to edit your profile and body data.
  • How do I turn on my notifications?
    How do I turn on Push Notifications? We've now introduced notifications for likes, comments, replies and more! Woohoo! You can always tailor your notifications by clicking on the settings button (top left) inside your Mys Tyler profile, then tapping on “Push notifications”. Make sure you've got the latest update of the app to take advantage! For iPhones If you said no to the Notifications pop-up, here’s how you can turn them on: Head to your phone’s settings Tap on Notifications Scroll to Mys Tyler and turn on Notifications For Android phones If you have the most current version of Mys Tyler, you would have gotten a pop-up messaging asking if you’d like your notifications turned on. Didn’t receive a pop-up? Make sure you have the most current version of the app (V4 or newer). You can check this by heading to your Mys Tyler profile, clicking on settings (top left), and scrolling to the bottom to see the version number. To update your Mys Tyler app 1. Open Google play 2. Tap on your profile icon (top right) 3. Tap on “Manage apps & device”. 4. Find Mys Tyler and tap Update Once you've updated the app, make sure to click YES to the notifications pop up! Accidentally said no to the Notifications pop-up (it happens)?: 1. Head to your phone’s settings 2. Tap Notifications under App settings 3. Scroll to find Mys Tyler and tap on the app icon 4. Turn on notifications
  • I’m a brand, can we partner?
    We’d love to have you on board! We’re actively partnering with brands via affiliate programs, plus are working with brands directly to help get your products in the hands of our Contributors. As a startup, we’re always open to new collaborations, so please email our Brands Manager at to get the ball rolling.
  • What is a Contributor?
    If you know how to dress for your body and are happy to share your fashion wins with the world, you have what it takes to be a Mys Tyler Contributor. As a Contributor, you can use Mys Tyler like a regular user to find outfit inspiration, BUT you’ll also be able to post your own outfits to the community. Women will be matched with you based on their appearance, plus thousands more can discover you based on your style. By linking to the items in your post, you’ll make it easy for women to buy them, plus you can earn a commission for each purchase made through our brand partner websites. Contributors will take a massive 80% of any commission Mys Tyler earns. Even if your listed brand is not yet a partner, your link will trigger us to add them to our ever-growing list ASAP! We want this to be a platform that allows you to monetise your style, and create a new income stream. The more you post, the more opportunities you have to grow your following and earnings!
  • I want to be a Contributor. How do I apply?
    To apply, you just need to upload four posts to your Lookbook and then tap on “Become a Contributor”. Our team review submissions on a weekly basis. For your best chances at getting accepted straight away, here are a few of our hot tips: Make your outfit the hero: We’re all about fashion! Show the full picture: We recommend posting a full-length picture of your outfit Work those angles! We recommend a few pictures to fully capture how the outfit looks Link us up! By adding links to the items you’re wearing, you’ll make it easier for people to buy through your post, giving you the chance to earn a commission! Win-win! Add a caption: This could be telling us how the outfit made you feel, or a cool fashion tip. For more tips on becoming a Contributor, head here. Good luck!
  • How can I earn a commission?
    There are three easy ways you can earn an income through Mys Tyler: Earning through your posts Whenever someone goes shopping via a link in your post, you can earn a commission on everything they buy through a partner brand – not just the item you linked to. Shopping through our app You'll find all our 3000+ partner brands in the "shop" section. Look for brands with a pink logo outline and shop button – you'll automatically earn commission when you shop through those links. Shopping on your desktop 1. Head here and set your Mys Tyler handle at the top (don't include the @) 2. Click on a partner brand to start shopping 3. Wait for your commission to hit your account – it can take up to 90 days Just a small heads up – it can take up to 90 days for the money to hit your Mys Tyler account.
  • Can I stop being a Contributor?
    While we’ll miss your beautiful Contributor posts, you can always downgrade to a regular user. This means you can still use the app to get fashion inspiration from other women, while keeping all your own posts private. However, you will unfortunately lose all your loyal followers and will no longer be able to earn a commission on your posts. You can also delete the app at any time, and we can remove your account details on your behalf as well.
  • How do I know which brands will gain me commission?
    You can see our full list of partner brands here. On the app, check out the Shop tab. Brands with a pink circle around the logo and a pink 'Shop Now' button on the brand page are partner brands. Can’t find your favourite brand? Let us know at and we’ll reach out to them.
  • What is a Founding Contributor?
    Founding Contributors hold a special place in our hearts at Mys Tyler. They have been with us since 2021 and are veteran fashion posters! If you see someone with this coveted status, you’ll know they are actively posting fresh, fashionable and actionable content on a weekly basis. Want to become a Contributor? Find out how you can apply here.
  • How do I post?
    Head to your Profile and tap the plus button in the top right (or the post button under the Outfits section). Posts should feature you wearing an outfit that makes you feel great. If you are not a Contributor, these will be private and are a great way for you to keep track of what's in your closet. If you're a Contributor, these will be available to our community, to draw inspiration from you. Best quality posts High resolution and good lighting Crop so that you're the feature of the photo Add a few images of different angles so we can see the pieces you're wearing Add a helpful caption Tag the brands you're wearing & add links if items are still available to purchase If the items available to purchase are from one of our affiliate partner brands, then you'll earn commission when anyone in the community shops your look! We do the work on our side to convert your links to affiliate links.
  • Why are my posts invisible?
    Unless you’re an approved Contributor, your posts will remain private – think of this as your online wardrobe for your personal inspiration! Want to become a Contributor? Create 4 posts, and then you'll be able to submit an application from the Profile page. We are just reviewing to make sure your posts are relevant.
  • How do I allow Mys Tyler to access all my photos on an Apple iPhone?
    If you receive an error message when tying to add photos to Mys Tyler, there’s an easy fix! Exit the Mys Tyler app and head to your iPhone settings Select ‘Privacy’ Select ‘Photos’ Select ‘Mys Tyler’ Click ‘All photos’ You can then head back to Mys Tyler. Happy posting!
  • What is the Contributor Hub?
    This is a space for our Contributors to find brand collaboration opportunities, and perform actions to earn rewards which can be used to score yourself a bunch of pretty fabulous things such as Mys Tyler swag (i.e. branded merch).
  • How do I delete my account and my data?
    At any time you can delete your account and personal data within the Site by navigating to Profile > Settings > Delete Account. This will immediately attach a deleted flag to your account, and you will no longer have access. On a weekly basis deletion requests are processed and all data is deleted from the database including backups. You can also email us at providing your Mys Tyler handle and make this request and we will process this for you. If you have a paid subscription: Uninstalling the app doesn’t automatically cancel your subscription — you’ll still get charged. Please check your subscription status and cancel before you delete your account.
  • How can I manage my subscription?
    If you're on a paid subscription you can manage it through the App Store or Google Play Store. Please keep in mind: Uninstalling the app doesn’t automatically cancel your subscription — you’ll still get charged. Please check your subscription status and cancel before you delete your account.
  • What is the Contributor Hub?
    This is a space for our Contributors to find brand collaboration opportunities, and perform actions to earn rewards which can be used to score yourself a bunch of pretty fabulous things such as Mys Tyler swag (i.e. branded merch).
  • Who can join the Contributor Hub?
    The Contributors Hub is available to all Mys Tyler Contributors. If you want to become a Contributor, head to your profile page, create your first 4 posts and apply. Once approved, all your posts will be available to all of our community to enjoy and you’ll of course have access to the Contributor Hub as well.
  • Where can I find the Contributor Hub?
    You can find the Contributor Hub in your Profile section of the Mys Tyler app. Tap on the blue banner to enter. It should immediately open to your account, but if you get asked for an email or get stuck just let us know.
  • What are the rewards?
    There are a mix of rewards for you, and we’ll keep changing things up and adding more. It includes things like Mys Tyler swag - branded bags, towels, coffee cups, bonus commission, you can even score a photoshoot!
  • I’m a brand. How can I list my business as a campaign for Contributors to join?
    Great, we’d love to work with you, send us an email to
  • What are the points for?
    The points add up and convert into rewards such as the Mys Tyler swag i.e. branded bags etc
  • How do I install my Mys Tyler mobile phone handle?
    These phone handles look simple, but are a game changer!! They work with most cases, but when you put it on, make sure that your phone case is still tight. Remove your case Thread one end of the strap through your camera hole near the top, and the other through the microphone hole at the bottom (depending on your case, if you have multiple holes on the bottom, you can choose any one). Unpeel the white paper to reveal the adhesive and press down firmly. You'll want the stap to be quite tight, so before you stick the second side, pull it tight. Put your case back on and Voila! Now for some beautiful hand modelling from Sarah
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