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"I hate watching fashion ads and what's trending knowing it won't suit my figure, and dread shopping as I can't ever find anything that fits. If I can get a hand from some fellow ladies who have already found some great stuff, it will definitely help curb my shopping anxiety."


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Honestly, I've been searching for an app like this for so long you have no idea. I think you girls/ people behind the team are really going to make a change."


"I downloaded the app and absolutely love it! What a brilliant idea. It will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier with style inspiration for people's body types and sizing etc It's so hard when you see girls wearing things and they aren't your size so you never know if it will suit you."


"I am content at the moment. I spent almost all my life feeling fat and ugly. At 78, I feel human. Thank you."


"Thank you for existing! I have severe body dysmorphia and I need you. Thank you."


43% of women are more body confident as a result of using Mys Tyler

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