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A few of you told us that you weren’t getting our emails, or that they were landing in your promotional or junk folder. Email is a critical communication channel for us so we investigated!

Email platforms like Gmail try to determine the quality of emails and block spam for you…obviously, all of you want out emails ;) but sometimes they are catching us by mistake. There are some quick best practice:

  1. Reduce or remove emojis from headers & avoid CAPITALS

  2. Remove long, long links in email

  3. Consistent branding will help users recognize your email and increase open rates.

Additionally; the better the open rates, the better your reputation and the more likely you’ll be delivered into the inbox as planned!

We’re sending an email to you all Sunday. So if you haven’t got it, let us know, and we can troubleshoot! And if you get it…. open it….pleaaase!

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