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When we think about style, we think about 3 groups:

1. Stylists - a small % of the population that are experts at dressing ANY BODY

2. Fashionistas - love fashion, enjoy discovery and are experts at dressing THEIR BODY

3. The rest of us -the majority of women (@sezzyneill included) who don’t have that knack for knowing what to pick up, try on or how to style things…. Who would be glad to have help / take inspiration from the women above.

Regardless of where you fall, we all have to dress every day, and we all know that when we feel good about what you’re wearing, you feel more confident and more present.

Since we can’t all be or have our own personal stylist, we wanted to tap into the Fashionistas (expert at shopping for THEIR body) because if you have the same body, they are exert at shopping for you too! These are our Contributors (many of whom are actually personal stylists too!!)

At Mys Tyler we have 3 core jobs:

1. Create and maintain a platform to allow our Contributors to share their fashion wins, style tips and shopping links

2. Help you discover Contributors that are most relevant to you

3. Partner with brands, and manage affiliate tracking in order to generate revenue (via commissions)

The real value comes from our Contributors, which is why we give 80% of any commission we earn to the Contributors that posted the look. We keep 20% to do our other jobs.

We are proud to be able to help these amazing women monetize their style, skills and generosity.

We’re now partnered with over 5000 brands and retailers, 73% of the links you see in Mys Tyler will earn commission. When you shop the looks from the Contributors you love, they can earn some extra $$, so they can buy more stuff to share with you ;)

Last week, we had some fun in the office with @markyatelier, one of our brand partners, @marky_duong is amazingly talented (and lovely) up and coming designer. See @larissa.andrianakos@j.watsonmunro and @sezzyneill showcasing some of his key pieces.

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