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WEEK 34: Tap to read more!

Introducing just a few of our fabulous Founding Contributors (coming to the app soon):

Audrey lives in Chicago, where she’s a fashion blogger, a mom, and the owner of an online boutique @Parisian.Peony - where she curates sustainable fashion for all the women juggling multiple hats.

Kerrie Carucci’s clients are grateful (and more fashionable) since she transitioned from engineering to styling. Always interested in clothes, Kerrie was a finalist in the 2020 VRC Myer Fashions On Your Front Lawn.

Tiffany is a designer and stylist in Washington DC where she runs @forelizabethjewelry - stunning jewellery with a purpose - dedicated to raising funds for minority cancer research!

Libby Millar is 6 feet tall and used to getting attention. With a background in content and digital, she’s always in front of the latest trends from the circular economy, to co-living, check out her website

We can't wait for you to meet the rest!

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