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Who knew being in a startup meant talking more than you can breathe! 😱

Most founders would prefer to be building than fundraising. And that's very true for our Founder & CEO Sarah Neill.

Fundraising is hard work, it's a lot of research, outreach and pitching, it's also a lot of rejection. It takes time to develop relationships and get investors comfortable with your business.

They say fundraising is a full time job, which is why when a company has 2 founders, they advise only 1 should be fundraising, so 1 can stay and run the company.

As a solo founder Sarah juggles both.

Since post-launch Sarah has been on endless calls with a bunch of investors, advisors, Contributors and more! It's all apart of the tech journey.

Even when we were at a shoot that was being hosted in Sarah's beautiful apartment...(thank you!) she was taking on calls like a trooper in the middle of her kitchen! Now dedication.

Interacting with humans is so precious these days, so we take each e-meet and IRL meeting very seriously - it warms us that we're nearly going back to normal!

When it comes to getting things done, Sarah is all about doing it efficiently.

An investment call at 7am?

No worries!

An interview with an American journalist at 3am our time?

No worries!

Currently Sarah and I are running on chocolate...yes...we have a stash. 🍫

Don't tell anyone.

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