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What we thought was a normal Saturday up in the Sunshine Coast for Sarah's friends 40th, turned into a day of shooting fabulous shots of our lovely Contributors!

Leading up to a week out of shoot day, Sarah gathered all of our Brisbanites and Byron Bay gals to come together for a fun day of shooting, posing, laughing and connecting. It was so lovely to sit back (taking BTS photos, obviously) and watch our girls mingle with each other, sharing their fave fashion wins, connecting in many more ways you could think of. Little did we know that @amygrant_stylist and @kickedtothecurve were actually friends before the day!

#ContributorsuniteIt goes to show that Mys Tyler is sticking to its roots, empowering all of our Contributors and users by creating fun opportunities for everyone to connect with each other, virtually AND in real life! It's been a hard year, so we're powering our way to onboard as many Contributors that we can to ensure that every woman can feel good and be great with each other and to each other.

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