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WEEK 58: Product Paralysis

One of the hardest things in a startup is knowing that there are so many things you want to do, that you should do, that seem urgent, AND knowing that you can't do them all at once. Prioritization is critical but can be really challenging, but if you don't prioritize you can end up in product paralysis.🤍

This was us. Since we launched Contributors in February, we haven't made any changes to Mys Tyler (that you can see). Our ultimate goal is to help you buy clothes that fit (that don't need to be returned), and as such, we've been working on integrating with brand partners to make this all work. But we realized that this shouldn't have been our focus, first we should be building a product women (you) LOVE. So now, we're focusing on the inspiration that fits.🤩

That clarity is allowing us to shift our focus which is now to serve up Fresh, Quality & Relevant content for you. We're starting with a product release that should be out in the next week that allows you to save posts (see boomy for a sneak peak). We are now moving faster on product changes that you can see.😇

The success metrics we've put into place include:

Fresh: 70% of Contributors post 4+ per month

Relevant: 70% of you follow 5+ Contributors

Quality: 70% of posts have a shoppable link & 50% of posts have more than 1 image

Keep logging into Mys Tyler so you can watch the product develop, and we hope that you'll find fresh, relevant and quality content!😋

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