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In the past few weeks 4 of our Contributors have passed 1,000 followers (and there’s a number very close behind)!

@curvycartel is a stylist and curve model, she’s known for finding the most incredible backgrounds for all her posts

@amygrant_stylist is a personal and fashion stylist studying at @australianstyleinstitute and she owns the best green suit you’ll ever see.

@wearthedamndress is not a professional stylist, she’s a mum, a professional business woman and LOVES embracing and wearing clothes that make you feel great!!

@kickedtothecurve a curve model who has such relatable fashion that it’s no wonder she’s got such a growing base of followers on Mys Tyler

Some of our Contributors have already built a bigger audience on Mys Tyler than on Instagram (and that is just in the past few months since we launched in Feb).

This is a significant milestone for us and a powerful signal of why the time for Mys Tyler is now!

🤎Instagram has become increasingly hard to build an audience, leaving influencers and content creators frustrated and open to new platforms.

🤎Power is continuing to shift from macro to micro influencers. While our contributors now have a combined reach of nearly 1.5million Instagram followers, our focus is and will remain on the micro-influencers who best represent our population.

🤎These womens growth reinforces our unique value - helping our community discover amazing women they aren't finding on existing social-media platforms.

Our platform is for all women, many of our Contributors wouldn’t identify as an influencer, a Contributor is any woman willing to share her fashion wins and style to help our community.

If you’ve been following our journey but are not yet a Contributor, take some inspiration from these amazing ladies and add your style to our community. Like any platform, joining at the beginning reaps lots of benefits, and puts you in a great position to grow as we grow our base!

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