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Our app has been getting better week by week. So the experience someone had that signed up 3 months ago, is so different to the experience they would have now. And that’s a different experience to what it will be in the future. We’ve been focusing a lot on getting our app looking and working beautifully and now it’s time to reach out to people who have forgotten to check in on us for a while (it’s ok we forgive you).

But sending mass emails is scary, when you send them you can’t unsend them. And no matter how much we proofread and test, you never read an email as well as when it’s live. And you suddenly notice that typo, or that the link isn’t working, or the name field didn’t import properly. No matter how many times we do it, we still get scared.

Email marketing is a really important element of user engagement. It’s a way to communicate with users when they are not in the app - and also communicate more information than may be possible within the confines of the app.

So you can:

  1. Tell them what’s new and give them a tutorial

  2. Remind them to get back to the app

  3. Help them get to know you and your company better

  4. Send them some bonus good vibes

You get the idea. We never want to spam, and you don’t want people to unsubscribe, otherwise you’ve lost that valuable communications channel. So it’s important to only post when you have something valuable to say, and to make the content interesting and relevant. It’s an art, and something we need to get better at.

So, next time you get an email from us, just spare a thought to the stress that went into hitting send and the care we took to try and make you smile.

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