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We created Mys Tyler to help you all find body-relevant fashion items that were specifically picked to suit your height, shape and size. Browsing through our feed, we hope you’ll enjoy fashion inspiration that you know will fit you, but we want to go a step further and make it easy for you to buy it for yourself too. So you can see one of our amazing Contributors looking fabulous, think I could look like that too, and then actually buy the outfit and live it.

Many women have told us that they know the brands that suit them, and often stick to them. But now, if you find someone who has a similar body, and they’ve discovered other brands that suit, it’s an easy way for you to unlock a whole new brand to explore.In addition to this, many of our Contributors are wearing items that they’ve had in their closet for years, or things they’ve picked up in thrift stores - we love this as we all try to be more sustainable in the way we live. It does however mean that you can’t purchase these items.

But since brands often have a similar cut, and aesthetic, knowing the brand allows you to still explore and maybe find something similar. This means that we can make every outfit post actionable. And for this reason, we’ve introduced brands.

Now you can see the brand before you click through to look at the item directly (and in the future, even if there is no link). This makes it easier to discover new brands, and a bonus, discover more Contributors whose style you like, that you might have missed on the Discover page.

We’ve also introduced the ability to tap on a tag, the little words at the bottom of each post i.e. “vacation” or “warm-weather” as another way to explore clothes and inspiration that you might be searching for.Our team has been busy (all of us), manually adding brands to the thousands of posts you can find within Mys Tyler… we won’t lie, it’s been kind of fun.

Hope you enjoy these new features, and know that there’s plenty more to come!#brands #branding #fashiontech #fashiontechstartup #startuplife #startups #fashionapp #growth #bodypositivity #bodypositive

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