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Mys Tyler Introduces Generative AI to Provide On-Demand Personal Shopping and Styling Advice to App Users

Mys Tyler AI Stylist powered by Google's Vertex AI

Body-relevant social commerce app, Mys Tyler, today announces the launch of its latest in-app feature, Mys Tyler AI Stylist, utilising generative AI to serve up hyper-personalised shopping and style advice to app users. 


Mys Tyler founder Sarah Neill said, “The launch of Mys Tyler’s AI Stylist is like having a personal stylist in your pocket 24/7. We’re bringing together the expertise of our Fashion Contributors and the power of AI to give users on-demand, personalised advice and recommendations.”


Launched in 2020, Mys Tyler now serves over 500,000 women across the world and the team continues to innovate the shopping experience with a focus on finding the best fit for shoppers, amplifying diversity, and serving up hyper-relevant content to consumers.


Mys Tyler’s AI Stylist will roll out on the app in two phases with the first phase launching in November and phase two following in early 2024.


The first phase will allow Mys Tyler Pro users to ask fashion questions, like “What should I wear to a wedding in Hawaii?’, or ‘What’s a good pair of white sneakers I can wear with a dress for under $200?’. The AI Stylist considers the user’s body data – shape, size, height, colouring, age and style preferences – to deliver an immediate response. Questions can then be opened up to Mys Tyler’s Fashion Contributors for additional advice and recommendations. This process will create an ever-growing online hub of fashion Q&As that all users will have access to.


Neill said, “We know women feel more comfortable and confident when they like what they are wearing, but the process of picking out items, styling pieces, and knowing what outfits suit each occasion comes a lot more naturally to some than others. Mys Tyler’s stylists, led by our AI Stylist and supported by the community of fashion contributors will help our users every day.”


Mys Tyler will also be integrating AI into the app’s onboarding experience, combining interactive Q&As with AI technology to generate personalised user profiles. This will enable women to receive customised fashion advice that aligns with their individual style preferences.


Phase two is currently in a significant research and development stage, with Mys Tyler training an AI model using the app’s image data. When this feature goes live, Mys Tyler’s AI Stylist will not only offer advice to consumers based on the style questions they’ve asked, but it will also provide a selection of outfit recommendations sourced from the app's image database. This will allow consumers to easily visualise how these outfits appear on individuals with similar body types and directly shop for them through the app.


Once ready, phase two will launch as a beta feature to get crowd-sourced testing before going live to the rest of Mys Tyler’s app users.


Neill said, “Mys Tyler’s CTO Dan Lloyd Jones, Senior Architect Chris Parton and I have been building the Mys Tyler app for over three years now, and for the past year we’ve been focused on unlocking the potential of AI and Generative AI. Our mission has always been to deliver a hyper-personalised experience, for which we’ve collected a lot of data, this has positioned us perfectly to leverage emerging technologies to deliver more value to our users. We’ll be using Vertex AI, Google's generative AI platform, with prompt engineering to bring this idea to market and we’re excited for the hyper-personalised experience AI will bring to our app users.”

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