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One of the great things about a mobile app is that you can make updates quickly and easily, which means that you can continually improve your product based on feedback and data. This means that someone who joins early might be seeing a very basic version of your product and might think it’s not valuable enough to keep them coming back. That’s why we want everyone to know that we are still a young startup, we are just getting started, we are committed to hearing you, and building for you, so that even if you think it’s not quite right for you yet, that you don’t give up. Fortunately, there are so many of you out there that understand what we are doing and why, that are getting value from our community and giving back and creating a space where women can feel welcomed, represented and inspired by each other.

But what about those people that gave up, or that just simply forgot to come back? Push notification are those little notes that pop up on your lock screen to tell you about things happening on the apps on your phone. They are prompts to tell you there’s something waiting for you inside. Push is a key engagement and retention tool in apps. They are important for all apps, but I’d say they are more important for us, because not only do we want you to know when there’s a new comment, like, follow, save, reply. We also want you to know about new features and enhancements.

Our app is nearly 2 years old, and while push is important we’ve been busy building the platform and bringing you all together to form such a wonderful community. So we’re finally getting to it. If you’re a Contributor you might be familiar with our Push already as we’ve had it running for a few weeks now. Even if you’re not a Contributor you should have started receiving a push about Daily Inspo at about 7am each morning, if you’re not it means that you haven’t turned on Push.

There’s a pop up that appears once to every user, if you say No, you’ll never be asked again, so you’ll need to pop into your settings > notifications > mys Tyler and turn it on. If you want to receive less notifications, you don’t have to turn off notifications altogether, just pop to your profile page (within Mys Tyler), go to the menu (top left) and you can turn on/off whatever you like.

We’ll keep building, and we hope you’ll stay with us for the ride!

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