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This evening our CEO & Founder, Sarah Neill, attended @popsugar UNSTOPPABLE series in collaboration with @unwomen as a panelist on the International Day of the Girl. Sitting alongside Sarah included...

- Charlotte Anderson, Talent Attraction Lead, Canva

- @lanahopkins_, Some.Place (and ex-founder of Mon Purse)

- @nicoleluisa, Health Tech, Kin Fertility

It was such an inspiring panel, highlighting women in tech and how due to the lack of education and understanding, there is a limited number of women involvement which we are trying to shift! 👍🏼

Our speakers discussed the struggles they faced in their roles, background of how they got into tech and skills they wish they had in there roles now!✨🙌🏽

If you’re a female founder or entreprenur, what is the best piece of advice to give? 🙏

Thanks to the following for hosting this panel and making it such a great opportunity to get women together to change the future of women in tech.







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