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When you have a good idea, other people are going to have that idea too. One of the reasons we created Mys Tyler is because we know clothes look different on different bodies, so we thought it would be helpful to see clothing on people who look similar. Not surprisingly, we aren’t the only ones. One of the other companies that popped up to address this gap was, who rebranded as Stylemuse. While we don’t spend much time looking at other companies as we’re so busy getting through our own list of to do’s, it’s good practice to see how others are thinking, and what we can learn from them.

Stylemuse was focused on shoppable try-on videos for women size 14 +. They had a growing community of women showing off their favourite pieces.

Last week, they posted to Instagram a Goodbye for now message “after months of experimentation and soul searching, our team has decided to phase out all work on Stylemuse”. The comments below demonstrated the connection they’d developed with their community:

“Thank you for giving us a place to express ourselves”

“I’m honoured to have been a part of this amazing community” “Thank you for your efforts in the curvy/plus size community”

It’s a tough reality of startups that most will not survive to live out their potential. Having a good idea is not enough, pouring your heart and soul isn’t enough either. Startup success is a mix of everything - you need a great idea, excellent execution, but you also need a lot of luck, and good timing.

We appreciate all the people that have helped us get to where we are today, who support us, and are cheering us on so that we’ll be here tomorrow. Our team, our advisers, our investors, the 150,000 and counting women that have downloaded Mys Tyler, our phenomenally stylish, generous and amazing Contributors.

We wish the team from Stylemuse the best of luck on whatever project they tackle next, and thank them for pushing forward fashion inclusivity and having a positive impact in this space.

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