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We have a creative team Ally and Anna are the A-team and will be working across UI/UX and copy, to make Mys Tyler as magical and wonderful as possible. Ally and Anna will be able to brainstorm ideas and concepts as both have a background in UX design, then Ally will focus on copy and Anna on UI. 😇

Both working 10 hours a week (until we can convince them to do more). We just had a 3 hour kickoff where I overloaded them with information and told them about all our challenges that we are focused on solving. They took it all in stride, and already are brimming with ideas. So excited to have them on the team. 😍

We are so excited for this next chapter of our Mys Tyler journey and can’t wait to grow even more.

Fun fact: We coincidentally always hire in doubles and triples! Ally and Anna, Lezel and Larissa and Lorna, Jesse, Josi and Jins…who wants to double up with Sarah?

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