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Tall, short, curvy, slim, youthful, mature… we are all different, and we are all beautiful.

And…. we all have to get dressed every day too ;)

However, very few of us actually fit the very tight mold of how beauty is represented in fashion and the media – I know I haven’t rocked the Milan catwalk lately - have you?

That’s why I’m so incredibly proud to be teaming up with @mys.tyler for their Love What Makes You Different campaign along with 9 other fashion contributors. We all believe fashion should be fun and accessible to every body and we’re here to celebrate what makes us unique.

@mys.tyler bridges the gap between what you see on the runway and how the gorgeous women you walk past every day are working it on the street. It uses a sophisticated FIT Algorithm (based on height, size, shape, age and more) to match you with like-bodied women, so you can find and buy clothes that are a perfect fit for you – without ever stepping into a change room.

Download the free app now to see who you match with (it could be me!) And if you don’t feel like you see yourself represented, become a Contributor like I am, and be there for the next person!

BIG NEWS! Over the next 3 months we are teaming up with 10 incredible Mys Tyler Contributors for our Love What Makes You Different campaign. We want to put a spotlight on our uniqueness, and help us all realize that what makes us different is also what makes us beautiful.

As you’ll soon discover, these women are impressive and inspiring individuals, who as a collective are…(emoji). They truly represent what Mys Tyler is all about – diversity, authenticity, confidence and style. We are so honored that they are joining us to spread this message and we have a lot of fun things planned.

We all got together for a kick off call, and we were all so full of energy by the end of it, we really love what we do and getting to interact with so many incredible people from all around the world is the best!

We can’t wait for you to get to know all these incredible women better. For now, here’s a short introduction….

  • Andi - bringing all smiles to our faces, Andi is a plus-size fashion blogger, spreading positivity to our feeds every day

  • Annie - recently blossomed transgender woman, Annie seeks to find confidence within the Mys Tyler community, one post at a time!

  • Candice - mum, blogger, and all-round style guru showing us how to rock the latest looks

  • Ceejaye - fierce, sexy and confident, Ceejaye is a woman of power!

  • Eli - completing her study in political psychology, Eli is a confident trans woman working her way up the ladder in the fashion industry

  • Jennifer - 50 is the new 30! Jen lives by her belief that age is just a number and not a definition. Sharing daily chic and affordable fashion inspiration for women to shine at any age.

  • Madeline - Legally chic in the city that never sleeps. An attorney who doesn't give up food for fashion. Sharing style inspo to boost the confidence of curvy queens

  • Stephanie - A petite-sized content creator sharing daily outfit inspiration, affordable finds, & empowering women to express themselves and feel confident in their style.

  • Suzan - winner of Miss Universe ambassador who is an amputee, redefining what it means to be beautiful

  • Tara - plus-size model who embraces her curves and stretch marks, reminding women that they’re beautiful at any stage of their life!

Head to Mys Tyler to follow them all now!

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