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If you’re reading this, you’ve played a role in getting us to this milestone birthday. Many startups don’t make it this far, and we’re grateful for all your early support. One day everyone will know about us ;) but it’s all of you early adopters and innovators that have got us to where we are today.

If you’ve been following these startup stories for a while then you’ll have been along for the ride as we’ve been building this community, our app, and this business - from the ground up!

One of our values is transparency, and that’s why we share what we’re doing, when things go right, and when we have to correct mistakes, why you know the people behind the brand and why we want to share our journey with you.

  • MAR 2020 - Mys Tyler became a company, and it was all systems go

  • AUG 2020 - Launched our teaser app - allowing you to find your celebrity body-double

  • FEB 2021 - We introduced our Founding Contributors - and immediately got so much amazing feedback about these gorgeous, real, stylish, authentic women that we soon after removed celebrities.

Since then, we’ve been adding features, improving the interface, building our team, growing our community, adding fashion contributors - every day, and working to realise our vision of making fashion enjoyable for every body, and removing the huge inefficiency of poor fit that is costing the industry, the environment and us all!

Thanks for being part of our first 2 years in business. And here’s to so many more fun times.

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