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Startup stories: We all need time off to refresh, rest up and enjoy an Italian summer 😉 which is what Larissa is doing for the next 2 weeks.

This is the big significant chunk of time Larissa has taken off since she started nearly 2 years ago, and when startups move so fast, you keep picking things up as time goes on. So it’s maybe a slight exaggeration that Larissa does it all - but it’s really not far off.

So, we’re so happy for Larissa to be taking this time off, and we can’t wait to see all her Italian pics, but we’re also super nervous. Go easy on us, we’re a wo-man down. Hope you’re all taking care of yourselves and making sure you get the me-time you need and deserve. Ciao! (also, Larissa did not write this, seriously, it’s Sarah - I still do some stuff too).🫶🏽

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