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As many of you know, and if you don’t - we’re a global team. We have team members from Sydney to New Jersey, Hong Kong and the Philippines.🌎

Fun fact, Lezel was actually one of the very first team members Sarah hired back in the hay day when we had celebrities on the app!

Another fun fact… Lezel works alongside her sister, Josi, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything is in check with our affiliate links, partners and more! Lezel and Josi had a rough time at the tailend of 2021, when they experienced the worst typhoons to hit their home town of Cebu.

Don’t worry - they’re safe!✋

They took the initiative to move to another town to access internet, which gave us the opportunity to arrange a co-working space. That's how dedicated they are! Now she can meet and connect with like-minded people, providing opportunities to brainstorm, network and be creative.❤️

Working in a startup you can either be next to the CEO (like Larissa), or on opposite ends of the world! 🌎

Thanks to technology and the rise in Zoom meetings (thanks, Corona) - it’s created this flexibility to allow team members to work autonomously, while still assisting each other to ensure the business is running smoothly in all aspects.

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