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"Digital personal shoppers are the way of the future" according to Associate Professor Jana Bowden, Macquarie University.

As coronavirus accelerates the adoption of online shopping, the issue of fit has been brought to the forefront. Return rates of 30-40% for online sales are too high for the industry to sustain.

And for consumers, the process of finding clothes that fit online is a demoralizing guessing game." It would be much better if retailers can find a way to support the consumer experience and help consumers get their experiences right." said Bowden.

Thanks to Samantha Brett and 7NEWS for taking a look at this global issue, and featuring Mys Tyler as a solution to fit.

Forget about returning clothes that don’t fit you. Mys Tyler, the next revolutionary fashion app, is here to serve up inspiration that fits by matching you with other women for realistic fashion results!

If you missed it on Saturday, check out the segment now.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s hope 2021 is bigger and better than in 2020.

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