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What a year has it been for everyone, and I’m not just talking about COVID-19! Mys Tyler was our baby and now she’s growing ever so quickly into a fashionable woman.

Every quarter we reflect on what we’ve achieved so far. We used to think it was amazing we had 200 instagram followers, now we’ve had 50,000 women complete our body quiz - over 40,000 downloads - partnered with hundreds of fashion brands and have attracted the MOST incredible women as our founding contributors. And this is just the start…. The big Mys Tyler launch is coming early in 2021.

2020 has been tough, scary, crazy but there has been so much that’s wonderful as well, we’ve had so much support, help, advice and love along the way. And we wouldn’t be here without you all. So many incredible people have come together to help build Mys, here are just a few of the special mentions

@eloise_maclennan_ for creating the Mys Tyler logos and brand guideline

@vandenberg_david for building the original Fit Algorithm and body quiz

Dan Lloyd Jones and Chris Parton the masterminds behind the Mys Tyler app - and their team including Leija Dzeko and Amina Selimovic who continue to work with such dedication and ownership

@lynne.mccoll25 for guiding us on our archetype adventure to discover that Mys Tyler is a magician

@lezelveruh and @Josi for partnering with over 700 fashion brands and helping to recruit our fabulous contributors along with

@_pineapplelove@hollynrichards who led the strategy

@soniathomp1014 for generously offering up her marketing and consumer insights prowess

@Larissa for being our social media extraordinaire

Lorna Wilson for optimizing our business operations and finances

@_olivepr_@megaphonemarketing for helping us get the word out

@antlerglobal and our incredible angel investors for believing in us

And a huge thanks to our wise and wonderful advisors - Brian Hartzer @annalozynski, @Jinsy_, @pandabelly, @raj1ve, @jourdankthomp

Thank you, everyone, for being apart of this extraordinary journey with us!

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