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Each Monday our team gets together for our weekly #L10 meeting. This is something @sezzyneill rolled out at @mintmobile while in the US, based on the EOS @EntrepreneurialOperatingSystem. It's a chance for us to check-in and make sure we are on the same page.

  • Check-in - each person tells a professional and personal positive

  • Scorecard - we review our key metrics

  • News - anything the team needs to share

  • Rocks - review the most important things each of us is trying to achieve each quarter

  • To-Dos - what is on our plate

  • IDS - Identify Discuss and Solve - this is the bulk of the meeting, a chance to raise any issues or ideas and brainstorm as a group

  • Rating - finally we rate the meeting and aim for a 10/10

Today was a 9 :)

There's so much always going on in a Startup, that being organized, and keeping our communication open is critical

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