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We launched Mys Tyler knowing that it didn't have all the features we knew we needed, we launched in what is called a "minimum viable product", we wanted to get our wonderful Contributors live so that you could all start matching, finding inspiration that fits and buying clothes you won't have to return. But we have work to do. We have a huge product backlog of features and fixes that will make the app better. Much of this is thanks to feedback from all of you (remember if you notice anything that doesn't work as you expected, let us know - if you're having an issue - it's likely lots of other women are too). But we can't do it all at once. So we need to prioritize!!

We've been reviewing our UI/UX which stands for User Interface (what things look like) and User Experience (how things perform) to find friction points that get in the way of users moving through the app in the way that gives you the most value.

For example, you could have a button with an arrow to indicate someone can move to the next page, it may look perfect and you know what it's supposed to do, but if it's too small, or too close to another button it may be hard to hit.

We've been focusing this audit on 3 things:

1. Sign up - what can we do to make signing up to Mys Tyler easier

2. Set up

3. Habit building

For example, when you sign up to Twitter, they ask you to like at least 3 topics before you can start. This is because they've realized that if you like less than 3 you won't have enough content, and may be disappointed and leave. So what do we want our users to do, in order for them to have the best experience with us? These are all the things that we've been talking about.

This feedback, along with feedback we receive from Contributors and users every day, gets added to our list of things we wanted to build. And now we need to review, prioritize and start building.

You'll start seeing small improvements coming to the app every second week or so moving forward.

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