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Thank you to all of you who completed our feedback survey the other day. It was a great chance for us to check the pulse to see what you're thinking, what you're liking, and what you want us to focus on improving.

Some highlights

  • 22% of you LOVE US! (Don't worry, we'll work on convincing the rest of you)

  • 43% of you are MORE BODY CONFIDENT as a result of Mys Tyler (you have no idea how happy this makes us)

What you are liking

  • Seeing fashion on diverse bodies (#1)

  • Discovering women who look like you (#2)

Where you want to see improvement

  • More of our fabulous contributors - diversity of looks & styles

  • Less celebrities (sorry - we still love all your famous femes!)

  • More content - more posts, more often

  • Additional inputs for data matching + more matches

We're taking this, and working with our secret weapon Alison Hickson, who is a product guru and is helping us prioritize all the things we want to do to improve the app, to have the biggest impact to all of you, the soonest. So, we're about to start really moving with the product, so expect to see lots of improvements from here on in.

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