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WEEK 64: Cracking the Vogue Codes

We need more women in Tech and that’s exactly what Vogue Codes is all about - they brought together some of the most incredible and impactful women leading the charge in this field, and we were beyond honored to have a small role to play, as our Founder Sarah joined the stage to talk about fashion-tech with Audrey and @jesslmontague who moderated! Larissa was busy graduating and missed it (which she’s devastated by), but Sarah was there to share some highlights:✨

Kinjil Mather, CMO of @SquareSpace talked about how she has shifted from being data-driven to data-informed, because her experience, intuition and gut is valuable!👏

Gina Davis, @gdigm, legendary actor and advocate for gender equality though the Gina Davis institute on Gender in Media, reinforced the importance of role models, and seeing yourself represented. The screen has the power to expedite and amplify this…. 63% of women in STEM in a survey, said that Scully (X-Files) served as their role model, Scully also increased confidence that women can succeed in a male-dominated profession.👏

Audrey, Co-founder of @GlamCornerau talked about the importance of knowing your unit economics, knowing how to pull different levers to weather storms as they did over the past year, and why it’s critical to choose your investors that will support you through the tough times!👏

Kin Fertility, CEO of @Kin.Fertility shared how little she knew about her own fertility when she started conceptualizing Kin, but that her understanding mirrored that of an average patient and allowed her to tap into a solution that 👏

Alex Sinickas, Founder of @milkdrop_dumps is designing for WOMEN, if you’ve ever used a milk pump when breastfeeding your child that you may relate to this “I felt like a cow” - milk pumps have previously been an uncomfortable, strange task, but by redesigning she’s making this a much nicer experience. This is a great example of why we need more women in tech, women solving issues that men would never think about!!👏

The @vogueaustralia team did an incredible job interviewing these women to pull out all these amazing insights, and everyone in the audience left that day feeling inspired and completely spoiled (amazing coffee, food, music, content & goodie bags for all)!🤎🤎🤎

So proud of every woman who spoke today, who will speak tomorrow and who will speak forever in their hearts! 😍

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