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You are probably used to seeing us (Larissa and Sarah) because we’re in the office together so it’s easy for us to take pics as we work on things (plus to be honest, we’re also the least shy). So we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the rest of the team who all work on Mys Tyler remotely, from around the world!

  • Lorna, Hong Kong

  • Lezel & Josi, Cebu - they are sisters, so they also work together under the same roof

  • Jesse, Byron Bay

  • Dan, Broulee

  • Jins, Sydney

Right now, the whole team is remote, as we are part of the Sydney lockdown.

Fortunately, with a mostly remote team, we’ve got some great tools and processes set up to keep us collaborating and on the same page.

  • Slack - we use this for most of our day to day comms.

  • Email - we use this less, it’s more for follow up notes after meetings and things we want to keep hold off

  • Google Sheets / Google Docs - we LIVE on these, it’s great to be able to collaborate and see each others thoughts/ ideas in real time

  • Google Meet - So helpful being able to jump on a video call and see each others reactions to things. With Google Meet we can screenshare (which we do ALL THE TIME)

And we have our core Monday L10 meeting where we all jump on for an hour to review the business - metrics, cash in bank, priorities, progress and discussion.

But, we’d be lying if we said that we can’t wait to be able to travel and meet in person all together for the first time ever! We’re thinking…..Palawan, Phillippines, or maybe Mexico, or we hear Tahiti is nice right now, or maybe New York…. I might move this to google sheets so we can track ideas ;)

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