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WEEK 67: Time for an outfit change!

Time for an outfit change! 💃

After a lot of customer research, user interviews, and data analysis we identified some big opportunities to make Mys Tyler more intuitive to navigate, to help women discover new contributors, and find more content that is relevant. Top on our list was increasing the % of women who follow a contributor. Currently only 70% of women follow a contributor, which means that 30% are missing out on our core value - the fashion feed. We brought on a freelance UI/UX designer to help us throughout June to help with this.

These are the initial steps we are taking to address this challenge:

🤎Adding an alert to the Feed tab when it's empty, prompting women to read our prompt about how to follow. Alert stays until they are following at least 1 Contributor ✅

🤎We are changing the action to follow from a heart (because in hindsight this made no sense at all) to a follow button - Live in V2.3.0 (submitting to store today)

We'll be using cohort analysis to determine the success of these actions. If they are not achieving the results we want to see, we will take additional steps i.e. updating our onboarding flow until we are helping all women to experience the best of Mys Tyler.

We're using this refresh as a chance to add a little more ✨ into the app, improve our Discovery cards to help women get to know our Contributors faster, and we're introducing post analytics for Contributors. A lot of work has gone into this latest update and you'll be seeing Mys Tyler continue to transform with lots of exciting updates in the works for July! Thanks @ashimjoshi for lending your skills 🙏

This video shows a tool called @figmadesign that we use to create our designs, this is called a clickable prototype, it’s linked up, so that you can tap on various buttons and actions to see what the interaction looks like. These are great to allow you to test the design before you start to build it. Some features in this video are not live yet… so it’s a bit of a sneak peek into what we are planning👀👏🏼✨

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