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Lots of exciting news to share with you...starting with the milestone that Mys Tyler has been downloaded by 100,000 women around the world. As we grow, we're taking an important step and expanding our team to the US - to better meet the needs of those of you on the Northern Hemisphere.We’re adding to the L’s and J’s that you know and love - Lezel, Josi, Larissa, Jesse and Lorna, and are delighted to introduce you to Team USA.

As one of our Founding Contributors, Tiffany has been helping build Mys Tyler from the very beginning, and so we are thrilled to have her stepping into the role of Community Manager. In this role Tiffany will be charged with building upon the amazing community we already have in North America (and also helping with the UK/Ireland), she’ll be hosting photoshoots, running events, collaborating with brands, and helping us raise our brand awareness. Based in Washington, D.C. Tiffany is a film and personal stylist, jewelry designer, and digital creator. She empowers the everyday woman to uncover her style with confidence. Her goal is to help all women thrive through the discovery of their style through self-reflection, goal-setting, empowering dialogue, and style expertise. She belie

ves that fashion isn’t just what you wear, but should be an outward expression of who you are!

When we met Brianna, we knew we needed her on our team. She has a background in writing and digital marketing and believes representation and accessibility are super important for women of all body sizes. As an undergraduate student, she studied and analyzed representations of plus size women's bodies in media to explore the complexities around body positive representations. Brianna hopes to help change the world to make it more accessible to marginalized communities, and at the same time, hope

s to help empower girls and women to love themselves as they are.Based in New Jersey, Brianna will be working alongside Tiffany, helping us communicate our values, raise our awareness, and collaborate with partners who share our values.

With a Masters in Accounting, a Bachelors majoring in Mathematical Economics and nearly 4 years in public accounting at KPMG, Lindsay is pivoting her career towards her passion - content strategy. Lindsay is now an MBA Candidate at Kellogg School of Management, and will be working with us to gain experience and put her learnings into action to make Mys Tyler as engaging and empowering as possible.We are so grateful to have attracted such amazing people to Mys Tyler - our existing team, these women above, and all of you - our fabulous Contributors. We know that this extra fire-power to our thinking, empathy and execution will take Mys Tyler to the next level.Can’t wait for you to get to know the newest additions to our team!

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