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We are not an app, we are a community (with an app 😜), and it’s the women we call Contributors that make Mys Tyler what it is. Since bringing on our US team - Tiffany, Brianna and Lindsay, and while I (Sarah) am in the US, we are visiting as many cities and meeting with as many of our Contributors here as possible.

We’ve been hosting photoshoots where our Contributors can come together meet us, and each other, and get some great professional photographs of their fabulous outfits that they can load up to Mys Tyler (and use across their own socials too), we also always love getting behind the scenes shots of the process, and groups shots too.

I’m blown away by each women I meet. Everyone has their own story and are inspirational in their own way (beyond their fabulous outfits and style).

In the past couple of weeks we’ve hosted a shoot in New York, and another in Washington, D.C. Next up we’re heading to Detroit, Chicago, Chattanooga, LA and then finding our way back to where it all started in New York.

Many of our contributors are stylists, used to being behind the scenes, and behind the camera. Many of our Contributors don’t work in fashion, and just want to be able to share their fashion wins with our community and help their like-bodied ladies. So for many these photoshoots are the first time they’re getting the focus, and having professional shots taken, it’s a really fun process, and what we love most is that every other woman there plays hype girl to each other. So grateful to the supportive, positive and amazing women we’ve attracted to Mys Tyler.

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