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WEEK 85: Our First Fashion Show

Watch Mys Tyler’s first fashion show, and see highlights from our Stylists in Residence program that wrapped up last week. A perfect video to get you fired up and inspired to head into the weekend feeling GREAT!

We loved watching 12 of our gorgeous Contributors walk the catwalk, as we collaborated with retailers to show off the best of fashion in-store right now at Toombul Shopping Centre.

It was a wonderful 50 days, and our stylists loved the opportunity to reside in such a beautifully designed space from where they were able to develop relationships with each other as well as local retailers.

They loved checking out all the latest fashion, and showcasing their favourite pieces through product sampling at their site, photoshoots, panels and the final Fashion Show. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful Contributors who brought so much positivity and energy to this program. 👏🏼

Swipe to check out a few beautiful shots of our ladies at our Inclusivity and Diversity in the Fashion Industry: Why Representation Matters. Below are some key quotes taken from this inspiring and thought-provoking panel with @curvysam, @julzelizabethxx @activetruth, @sonishspace, @suzannedang and @amygrantstylist.

❤️ We want people to be represented, look at a store, look around - mobility, age, size; representing everyone, not just the norm. Owning a business, think about what seating you have, will it suit someone that has a big bum, you need to think about their height and size. It’s not just visual, there’s a very physical aspect to it” - @curvysam

❤️ “Brands are attempting plus size fashion but often not creating aesthetically pleasing clothes, and when it doesn’t create a sale, they say “we tried, it didn’t work”, but are they actually trying?” - @julzelizabeth

❤️ “I’m here, I’m in Australia, I need to be seen. I wanted to get out of the shadows. I want my three year old to see that sometimes mommy is this size. “I’m representing me” - @sonishspace

❤️ “I look back at my old photos, and I’m evolving, and still evolving. Fashion is also about community” - @suzannedang

We are so proud of each and every woman involved in this programme and can’t wait to see where this takes us in the future. Thank you for inspiring women across the world, across our platform, across Brisbane and our team.❤️

You can check out the whole video on our IGTV.

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