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In December, one of our incredible Contributors Amy Grant offered to host a Mys Tyler photoshoot and party for our Contributors at the beautiful venue (@kedronwavell). She organised this with a few of other Contributors that she met through Mys Tyler, and really got to know through the Stylist in Residence program.🙌

We are honestly always telling people how amazing all our Contributors are. Mys Tyler has attracted women that are so generous, positive, honest and supportive of each other, and we are so happy to see these relationships bloom!

Our Australian team - Jesse, Larissa and Sarah were planning to attend this event, where we’d have been meeting many of these women for the first time after so many months of DMs, WhatsApps and video calls…. But alas Omicon started spreading like wildfire in Australia and we had to cancel our trip across the border at the last minute #gutted. 😭

Enjoy some of the pics of these fabulous women and Amy (@amygrantstylist) for providing such a beautiful venue to host this event.🙌

But here’s to 2022 and the ability to meet more of our lovely Contributors around the world!

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