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WEEK 35: Mys Tyler's Make-over!

Mys Tyler just got a Make-Over!

That's right y'all, update your app and check out these new accessories...

1) Create a personal Lookbook. Use this space to POST the outfits that make you feel the most confident. It’s for your personal reference unless you decide to become a Contributor (and then you’ll be sharing your fashion wins with the Mys Tyler community).

2) View and edit your PROFILE to keep your details up to date. And here is where you can view your Lookbook, those posts you created earlier.

3) Follow our startup journey in the FORUM to learn more about our business, the app and our team. Plus we still have the DISCOVER and FEED features that you already know and love

(we hope), that lets you find your celebrity body doubles and then curate a feed of body-relevant fashion inspo from street style to red carpet!

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