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We are in awe of the talented designers that work hard behind each fashion brand to bring fresh ideas and flattering cuts to women around the world. We’re now partnered with over 600 global fashion brands. That means that when you buy through Mys Tyler, we earn a commission from these brands, of which we share with our Contributors.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels, expected to exceed $US8B by 2022. It’s powerful because it allows online content creators to monetise their reach via recommendations. By partnering with brands, it can drive traffic to sites it recommends and, in return, earn an agreed-upon commission.

For brands, this means they are only paying out if a sale comes in, and, by setting the price, it can ensure it’s at or below their blended CAC. It’s a no-brainer for marketers.

How exciting! ✨

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