Stylists In Residence

Toombul Shopping Centre | October 6 - November 24

For 50 days, Toombul Shopping Centre was home to the Mys Tyler Stylists In Residents, who offered up 1:1 styling sessions and hosted an array of masterclasses making Toombul a fashion destination. They finished by walking the catwalk showing off the latest fashion trends.


Meet our Stylists In Residence


Our Stylists in Residence are Mys Tyler Contributors, who each brought unique skills, interests and points of view to help us design and run this program. Sadly, the Mys Tyler team were unable to attend due to border restrictions, so we are very grateful to have had the most incredible, supportive, talented, and creative group of women leading the show! These women really stepped up, and showed us what women supporting women is all about. 

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Fashion Masterclasses

On on Thursday nights and Sundays, our Stylists hosted fashion masterclasses focusing on their areas of expertise.

  • An introduction to personal styling and colour analysis

  • Effortless Style for Mums

  • Accentuating your Make-Up

  • Crafting a Functional Wardrobe: from meh to mesmerising

  • Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact

  • Wearable Spring: how to style

  • 5 pieces that I wear regularly I think you SHOULD invest in

Showcasing the best of Toombul Fashion


We partnered with brands to showcase some of our Stylists favourite looks through a number of photoshoots - sharing photos on Mys Tyler and also Mys Tyler, and the Stylists social media - and through our end of program Fashion Show.

With special thanks to participating retailers:

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Inclusivity and Diversity in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has a long-standing reputation of discriminating against race, size, gender, age, and religion - often depicting the ‘perfect’ model as tall, fair, young, and slim. Periods of social unrest last year pushed diversity to the top of the industry’s agenda, leading to a myriad of inclusive campaigns and initiatives. Has there been any progress?

This panel brought together leading advocates within the fashion community to dismantle industry norms, and show how designers, brands, and all of us can be truly, and authentically, inclusive. 


Panelists: Suzanne Dang, CurvySam, Sonish Space, Julz Elizabeth (moderator), Stevie Angel, Nadia Tucker, Amy Grant

We are all human, we are all different, we should be who we want to be. I’m the colorful one, and I own that. I was a size 6, I had a baby, I am a size 10, and sometimes I’m a size 12. (I don''t want to be) limited because of my age, or because I’m a mother. This is how I want to express myself, how I want to show up for myself” from a war torn country.” - Sonish Space


"Look at a store, look around and consider (if) you're representing everyone, not just the norm. Think about what seating you have, will it suit someone that has a big bum, think about their height and size. It’s not just visual, there’s a very physical aspect." - CurvySam

"There shouldn’t be an ideal body type. We are women we are not fruit... We are conditioned to believe that we will be happier, smarter, richer by being skinny. We can challenge this by using our own voices." - Amy Grant

“People don’t understand the power of the words you use, and how to phrase. We have to reflect how we speak, and use our platform to remove bias and stereotype.” - Active Truth


“Fashion is also about community. In Brisbane everyone is friendly, and wants to support each other” - Suzanne Dang


“Clothes can be so powerful. I have a green suit, and I can put that suit on and I’m the most powerful woman around. An item of clothes, fabric and I feel amazing.” - Amy Grant


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