Mys Tyler is not just your average fashion app - we're more then that! Hosting photoshoots worldwide from Sydney to New York., partnering with investors to create fashion workshops, masterclasses, styling consults and more...check out our events!

Stylist in Residence

In collaboration with Mirvac, Mys Tyler partnered with two well-known shopping centres in Brisbane and Sydney in which we ran Masterclasses, Fashion Shows, photoshoots and more. Our Contributors collaborated together at these lounges, hosting styling sessions and teaching us the ways of the fashion world. 

Mys Tyler BTS Shoot-53_edited.jpg


We hosted our first photoshoot in Sydney which then transcended to New York and now our Contributors are hosting their own shoots in their hometowns! Talk about initiative, right? Check out the many shoots we've done in the past two years that Mys Tyler has existed to connect these women together! 


Want to host a shoot or have #FOMO?

Contact us with your enquiry if you're interested in participating in future events or if you'd like to host a photoshoot!

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